The Beautiful Nikah of Zaineb and Hasan

"You will find it in the most unexpected place and at the least expected time. Love doesn’t follow a pre-planned route. It fills your life the way it wants to, which of course is the most beautiful thing in the world. If you want love to colour your life, you need to do what Zaineb and Hasan did; keep your arms open for it! Zaineb and Hasan had an ethereal nikah ceremony. In a typical Lucknowi andaaz, they both said ‘qubool hai’ to each other.

Their marriage was fixed by the stars but every bit of their wedding was saved as a treasured memory by ace wedding photographers, Camera Wale Baraati. The wedding story of Zaineb and Hasan is full of laughter, dance and happy tears. This one-of-a-kind tale is a must read! " Shassdiwish. 

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