How to Prepare for your Pre-Wedding Shoot!

The key is in 'knowing thy self'. You know your partner best, and its that quality that needs to reflect in the images too. Which means be in your comfort zone, and recreate the moments that are most special, and are exclusive, about the two of you.

Each couple comes with their own charm and distinct vibe, that makes their romance stand out. Our job then is to identify that special vibe between the couple. 

Once the photographer has met the couple and decided upon an idea for the shoot, here are a few things you can do, to make sure you look your gorgeous best on the day of the shoot!

1. Meet your fiancé or fiancée before the shoot and make sure you are on the same page about the shoot. 

A couple that is comfortable with themselves, make for the best models! So meet each other and be excited about the concept!



2. Go over the idea..

Once you have met the photographer and decided upon a theme, discuss it with your spouse to find some exciting poses or props that you would like to include!

3. Color Palette

We don't want to sound superficial, but guys, what you wear accentuates each photo. Both your outfit and your partner need to complement each other, as well as the theme/concept of the shoot.

So make sure you show your photographer what outfits you have picked out or wish to purchase after you decide your shoot concept. Try out the outfit and send them a picture for a second honest opinion if needed! always helps.

4. A trip to the Parlour?

How much make up you use, and what hairdo you get is also something that matters girls! Every skin type reacts differently with the camera lens, and sometimes tight blow outs can look very superficial. So you need to know what kind of makeup to go for. Try to keep it minimal and light for a day shoot, as the sun will accentuate every wrong stroke. If you are getting a professional to do your makeup, make sure it blends well with the outfit and theme. 

Remember, pre wedding shoots are mostly about being yourself, enjoying a day out with your partner, and well, getting some epic shots that capture your true beauty, together. 

5. Dont compare!

Most brides get super anxious before their shoot. This usually occurs because of two reasons. Either they are super tensed about their wedding planning, or if they have seen or looked at too many bridal pictures over the internet. 

We think its completely cool to do your research before a shoot, but dont get carried away with it. Dont forget, that the best shoot will be the one that makes you feel like you and not like just any other bride, you saw in an album.